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Prevent Bike Theft in aid of Down Syndrome Tipperary

Stamp out bike theft event in support of Down syndrome Tipperary.

For a donation going towards the life-changing work provided by Down syndrome Tipperary, you can get your bike laser stamped to help in the recovery of your 2 wheeled friend in case some scum bag runs off with it.

On the last Sunday of January (29th) from 10am -1500 at Moyle Rovers, Fethard road, Clonmel, E91 PN29

What is laser stamping

Bicycle theft is a growing problem in many cities around the world, and it can be a major inconvenience for the bike’s owner and a financial burden to replace it. One way to combat this problem is through the use of laser stamping technology.

Laser stamping is a process in which a small, unique identification code is engraved onto a bike’s frame using a laser. This code can be used to trace the bike back to its owner if it is ever stolen and recovered.

One of the benefits of using laser stamping is that it is a permanent and tamper-proof method of identification. Unlike traditional methods such as engraving a bike’s serial number on a plate, laser stamping is difficult to remove or alter. This makes it a much more effective theft prevention measure.

Another benefit of laser stamping is that it is a cost-effective solution ( in this case free with a donation). The process is quick and easy to implement.

In addition to helping to prevent bike theft, laser stamping can also aid in the recovery of stolen bikes. When a stolen bike is recovered, the gardai can use the laser-stamped identification code to trace it back to the original owner. This can help to reunite you with your bike and hopefully land the nasty rat-fink who stole it in a filthy jail somewhere unpleasant.

Overall, laser stamping is an effective and pocket friendly solution for preventing bicycle theft and tracing stolen bikes.

Stamp out bike theft

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