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5 Tips For Returning To Cycling After An Injury

Mountain biking is exhilerating. As a bonus it is also immensely beneficial to your fitness and mental health.

However, mountain bike related injuries are probably something every rider has to deal with at some point.

After some falls, you just get up, dust yourself off and get back on your bike. Unfortunately, other times a crash may result in more severe injury and require a more lengthy recovery period.

Even after recovering, getting back to riding may prove challenging. You need to get your body back into the right shape to ride again. If you’re recovering from a bike-related injury, here are some tips to help you return to riding.

Don’t ignore expert advice

Even if your body feels like it can handle the pressures of riding a mountain bike again, resist the urge to ride until your doctor give you the go ahead. It’s important to listen to expert advice to ensure you don’t worsen your injury. Your eager to get back to normal and your body can give you a false sense of security. It may feel perfectly fine, but that doesn’t mean the healing process is complete. Only your doctor can tell you if you’re healed and ready to take the strain of off-road cycling.

Rebuilding confidence is a part of recovery
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Work with a professional on low-impact physical therapy

Work with a professional physical trainer on low-impact physical therapy. After getting medical consent, a physio can help nurse your body back to activity. They can help you with low-impact training routines gradually increasing the intensity, targetting and strengthening the part or parts of your body that suffered the injury.

Stay motivated

Dusring a lengthy enforced absence from riding it can be difficult to stay motivated. One way to boost your motivation to stick with your recovery plan is to give yourself a goal. A goal could be an event to target or a planning a trip. Or simply give your bike an overhaul or treat yourself to some new gear that you’ll get to use when you’re given the all clear to get on your bike again. Like your body your bike may require some recovery after a big crash. Give it some TLC during your recovery. Your physio may recommend other low-impact exercises. Get yourself some walking or running shoes or whatever other gear will aid your physio. Platforms like THE ICONIC online shop have a selection of sports shoes and gear to help you get the most out of your recovery exercise. There is a great selection of suitable active and cycling clothes available from dk active. There’s nothing like new gear to encourage you to push through your physio.

Physio to aid in injury recovery
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Don’t forget to recover mentally

If a severe accident caused your injury, you may need to mentally recover before you can fully get back on a bike. While some people are ready to hop on their bikes again, for others especially after a severe injury it may take some time to regain their confidence. Take all the time you need. Don’t feel disheartened if you’re comfortable hitting the same features or speeds that you would have before your injury. Enjoy being back on your bike and give your mind the time to recover also.

Sleep and diet are essential

Food and sleep deprivation are your worst enemies during recovery. Quality sleep and good rest can help speed up the healing process. Eating a balanced diet will keep you healthy while you recover and support your recovery process. Some experts advise against reducing your calorie levels to match your activity level or lack thereof. While you may be less active during recovery, your body still needs the extra energy and nutrition to rebuild and heal effectively.

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