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Bikeslice - a social network for bikes

The world’s first dedicated social network for bikes, connecting people within the sport of cycling on one single, bespoke social network platform.

A while back I first came across the Bikeslice name on social media. It was billed as the social network for bikes. When a couple of months back they started allowing pre-registrations I threw my name into the hat.

Yesterday I got an email saying that the Bikeslice website is now open to join. So I didn’t hang around and set up my account to see what it was all about.

Registering is free and a quick and simple process, pick your username, give them your email address which you’ll need to login and select your password.

Bikeslice timeline

Once in, Bikeslice feels quite familiar having obviously taken a bit of inspiration from some of the big boys in social media. You upload your profile picture and you can set a larger cover photo.

For your ‘Rider Profile’ you select from a list of cycling categories that you feel apply to you including road cycling, mountain biking, downhill, enduro, etc.

Once setup you can begin posting photos, videos and links much like you would on Facebook. For each post you can choose who gets to see it, the public (all users of Bikeslice) or your just your ‘friends’, those people that follow you. Have a look at my own profile for an idea of how it all looks.

You can browse a general timeline to see the posts other users have published publicly or that you have access to because you follow the poster.

There is also a growing selection of Interests and Brands that you can choose to follow. These are like sub-timelines on a specific topic. For example, I joined the Downhill and Enduro Interests and the Santa Cruz brand. Brands are more like fan pages, not endorsed by the brand themselves. And there are also Groups. Where the Interests and Brands are created by Bikeslice, Groups are set up by other users. Of course, there is now an Emerald MTB group on there - come join us!.

Bikelsice secondhand market place

Other areas of the website that are still growing include a Marketplace for users to sell their bikes and gear, a forum and an events section.

In addition to the free membership, there is also Bikeslice Pro. For a £10 once-off payment Pro unlocks several advanced features:

While Bikeslice is obviously still in its infancy and has a relatively small number of users, it is growing quickly. Even in the couple of days since I created my account, the number of users has grown significantly and the feed is getting more interesting by the day with others posting biking photos and videos. How well they do in the longer term will depend on the cycling community and how many people sign up and use the service. It certainly has the potential to be a success.

Owen Franssen
Owen Franssen

Riding bikes, exploring trails, meeting people in Ireland and abroad.

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