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EXT e-Storia - e-bike specific coil suspension

The bikes we ride are changing fast and a lot of that speed is coming from the impressive advances in E-bike technology.

Riders are pushing to new places and making the most of riding from their doorstep. With this a new generation of E-bike is appearing, they’re lighter and have longer travel, making their leverage ratios and suspension curves push beyond the boundaries of recent damper designs.

At EXT we have a simple goal: Make the best suspensions to improve performance and reliability while ensuring a safer riding on any bike. This isn’t without challenges, E-bikes generate more suspension stress but most run the same shock sizing as their analog counterparts. But EXT has decades of experience building the world’s most compact high performance dampers, some of which were used in Formula One and WRC. If anyone can maximize damper performance in challenging environments, it’s us. That’s why we developed the e-Storia.

An industry “first” an ultra-high performance suspension specifically designed for aggressive E-bike riding and super comfort level for professional riders and all enthusiasts.

EXT e-Storia e-bike suspension shock

The e-Storia features much of the same technology of the Storia V3 but in a more robust package built specifically for the stresses involved with the higher vehicle weight of E -bikes and tailored to provide ultimate control for all riders from the enthusiast to those at the elite level of E-bike enduro riding.

While the Storia V3 is built for best-in-class weight and performance the e-Storia is designed with an emphasis on toughness to drastically improve reliability over dampers without dedicated E-bike construction.

The stronger shock design can help increase the lifespan of bike chassis components as well, and increase range of tune-ability accomodating a wider range of bike and rider types.

Improved grip and sensitivity on all types of terrain and a beautiful plush feel form the basis of any Storia shock.

On top of these feature we have redeveloped specific areas in line with the demands of EMTB:

EXT e-Storia suspension controls
EXT e-Storia shock for electric mountain bikes

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Owen Franssen

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