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Event Details: Grassroots Enduro Series

13 January 2017 | Enduro,Features,Events,Races

Following the survey that Emerald MTB ran late last year, the series organisers have been listening to the feedback and suggestions. For 2017 the newly renamed Grassroots Enduro Series will be adding venues and rounds and move beyond the borders of Munster. The single day format with no practice and multiple attempts at each stage will stay.  This series is run by mountain biking clubs and all the proceeds go back into those clubs.

As the name suggests, this is a grassroots series where the organisation and running of events is the responsibility of the clubs and the races cater to the all mountain bikers , from the weekend warrior to the pros, you don't have to be sponsored or a professional to take part.

We look forward to more great racing in 2017 and more importantly participation for the craic - because that's what Enduro is all about - chill out and have the craic with your mates.


Today the series announced the dates for the five rounds to be held in 2017:

  1. 5th March – Galway MTB - Bike Park Ireland
  2. 9th April – LMBC – Killaloe
  3. 7th May – Bree MTB – Bree
  4. 11th June – Team Ballyhoura – Ballyhoura - event details here
  5. 27th August – Rebel MTB - Bantry - event details here



CategoryOn Line Reg. FeeTimer Deposit1 Day Licence Cost
Junior (10 to 17)€5€10€5
Under 30 (18 to 29)€25€10€20 (10 if in C.I.)
Under 40 (30 to 39)€25€10€20 (10 if in C.I.)
Vets (40+)€25€10€20 (10 if in C.I.)
Female€25€10€20 (10 if in C.I.)



Owen Franssen
Owen Franssen

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