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Video: Stage 3 Bike Park Ireland Grassroots Enduro

01/05/2018 |  Features, Videos, Features, Events, Enduro, Features, Trails

The 29th of April saw the second round of the Grassroots Enduro series held at Bike Park Ireland. While stages 1 and 2 cleverly combined sections of the existing park trails to create new stages, stage 3 was a little different.

The start of this stage used the upper section of the existing Black 2 trail. With some of the jumps taped off, you couldn’t completely rely on past experience to guide you. About a third of the way down, however, the stage diverged from the old trail, cutting across on to a completely new section of mountain bike trail. Relatively wide, but steep in places and with fantastic berms to guide you this has been called the highlight of the race and even the best trail in Ireland.

Graham at Bike Park Ireland said that this new section will grow into a completely new trail at the park, and that, with some added features built in, it should host one of the Irish Downhill series rounds in September this year.

Owen Franssen
Owen Franssen

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