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Welcome to Emerald MTB

Hi and thank you for visiting Emerald MTB. My name is Owen Franssen and I have been an avid mountain biker for about 15 years. In 2015 I rekindled my love of this sport (recreation, hobby call it what you like) after a few years out.  I found that in a, relatively, short period of time mountain biking had moved on in leaps and bounds in almost all areas. The bikes had changed dramatically in materials, in their geometry and wheels sizes. The components used meet completely different criteria now than only a few years ago. Think dropper posts, carbon components, handle bar width and 1x drive trains to name a few. Where in the noughties you raced cross country or down hill, now Enduro has been added in to the mix. And the existing disciplines have become much more competitive and challenging.

As I started researching which parts and components to use on my new custom build mountain bike it seemed like a good idea to document some of the knowledge, the opinions and the facts that I came across – and wether in practice they proved true. And also what real life use was like on some of the products I tried.

In addition, with the Cube Munster Enduro Series starting in 2016, and with the Gravity Enduro Series holding a round at Ballyhoura which is relatively local to me, I planned on dipping my toe into the gravity Enduro racing scene. Of course my racing experiences are and will continue to be recorded on Emerald MTB.

Emerald MTB won’t be limited to racing though. There are plenty of great trails across Ireland that I want to try.

In short, Emerald MTB is intended to be a record of everything I see, do, ride and try that involves mountain bikes in Ireland and possibly further afield.

Thank you for visiting, and please come back regularly to follow my mountain biking endeavours. And feel free to follow Emerald MTB on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media accounts.

Owen Franssen

Owen Franssen


Hi, I’m Owen, a web developer & photographer during the working day and a mountain biker whenever I can. I try to ride as often as time permits, and in as many different locations as possible. I like to try and compare different setups and parts on my bike. Thanks for reading!

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