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Review: Tenn Protean Waterproof MTB Shorts

11 May 2016 | Clothing,Reviews,Shorts

Waterproof mountain biking shorts, not something that you will (hopefully) use all year round, but with the winter and spring we’ve had so far this year these have come in extremely handy.

Waterproof materials can be less than comfortable, but that is not the case with these Tenn Protean cycling shorts. The material is a little noisier than normal shorts, but not excessively stiff. The mesh lining is very comfortable, and doesn’t have any of that cheap plastic waterproof jacket feeling.

I’ve worn these on most rides over the winter months and well into spring, ranging from wet to monsoon - during one ride we were literally riding through streams of water coming down the trail. On none of them did my back side get wet, or even cold. Admittedly it’s been pretty cold, but I haven’t noticed any excessive sweating while wearing these shorts.</p><p>After every use I wash in the machine at 30 degrees and they come up clean every time. I have not noticed any wear through use or repeated washing over the time that I’ve used these.

I don’t carry anything in my pockets while biking, so I can’t comment on how secure these are, but the zips are waterproof.

The waistband is somewhat elasticated and also has twin velcro adjusters to ensure a snug fit. They are sized a little on the small side, being a bit tighter than other shorts I have tried of the same size, but not to the extent that I would have bought a different size. They are knee length, coming to just on my knee cap when I’m standing up and just above the knee and just about overlapping my knee guards when seated on the bike.

All-in-all a great pair of shorts for those wet winter months.

Knee length MTB short Tenn Outdoors

Comfortable fit for waterproof MTB shorts

Tenn Protean waterproof MTB shorts

Tenn Outdoors Shop[

Tenn Outdoors Protean MTB shorts

Reflective strips on mountain bike short

Waterproof zips on Protean MTB shorts

Tenn mesh lined mountain bike shorts

Adjustable waist on Protean Waterproof short

Tenn Protean reflective short<

Owen Franssen
Owen Franssen

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