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Back at Bike Park Ireland

05 January 2017 | Lifestyle

For the fourth time in about 7 months and for the first time in 2017, albeit only two days in to the year, we were back at Bike Park Ireland in County Tipperary. This time with our biggest group yet, 11 riders from both sides of the country.

Bearing in mind it was the 2nd of January the full day of sun shine was a welcome and very pleasant surprise.

Since our last visit the Red trail has been revamped. While fundamentally still the same trail it’s had a very serious tidy. All the berms are now sharp and clean, inspiring a lot more confidence. And the jumps, especially the last few at the bottom of the trail have been reshaped to send you a lot higher. also where previously all the jumps were basically tabletops, the bigger ones are now closer to doubles with a pronounced gap between take off and landing. While basically the same trail as before, it now encourages a lot more speed.

Another addition since our last visit is the Blue jump trail. This runs roughly parallel to the Red trail and consists of a lot of smaller table top jumps, lots of clean sharp berms and a few very small drops in the lower parts. Everything on this trail can be rolled, making it great for newer riders to get a feel for jumps an berms. But it certainly isn’t limited to beginners. The berms and jumps create great flow really encouraging you to build speed and start boosting off those take offs. The only downside to it being a beginner friendly trail on a busy day like last Monday is that it is very easy to get stuck in a train of slower riders.

Bike Park Ireland has yet to disappoint and we’re already looking forward to our next visit.

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Emerald MTB gang at Bikepark Ireland

Owen Franssen
Owen Franssen

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