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Bike Maintenance Tracking Down That Creaking Noise

23 April 2016 | Lifestyle

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Over the last couple of rides I've started to notice a creaking noise from the crank area of my bike, especially when pedalling on climbs. Creaks have always annoyed me on a bike, they grate on my nerves. And in the long run something is rubbing where it shouldn't and is going to get damaged.

Yesterday I had some time and decided to see if I couldn't cure it. Out came the work stand and toolbox. Suspecting either the pedals or the bottom bracket I started by removing the crank arms. Judging by the water inside the bottom bracket, and the gunge around all the threaded parts, it was about time for some maintenance.

After wiping the spindle and all the threads on the crank arm, bottom bracket and frame using some Muc-Off chain degreaser sprayed on an old rag, things starting looking a lot better.

Before reassembling all the parts, I made sure to grease all the threads and the crank shaft using my new Weldtite TF2 grease gun and teflon grease.

Bolt everything back together and wipe away the excess grease and it all spins like new.

Typically though, when I took the bike for a test up the road, the creak was still there. I'm guessing my pedals need a service to. I did look at them while I had the cranks off, but it looks like the bolt that holds the axle in is recessed pretty deep and I don't have a socket that will reach it. A job for another day.

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