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Emerald MTB Jerseys Are Here

06 June 2017 | Lifestyle

We have spent the last six months doing lot of searching and testing of jerseys made by various suppliers all over the world, including the UK, Ireland, Pakistan, China, Greece and Poland. But we have finally found a company that make jerseys to our design and from materials that we personally like to wear.

The fit of these jerseys is loose but very comfortable. The fabric is light weight and wicks well, that is it sucks the moisture away from your skin. In fact we have only ever experienced sweat build up on our backs, and then only if we are wearing a backpack or armour.

The fabric used is extremely resilient. A full speed over the bars on the red trail at Bike Park Ireland left one of our testers bruised but his shirt prevented a lot of gravel rash. The only damage to the jersey itself were some minor nicks in the elbow that took most of the impact. Not without mark, but its certainly far from lost. And it did a stellar job preventing skin loss on that bike park gravel.

All the jerseys are available in two different cuts. An Enduro cut that is close to a loose fit t-shirt, not restrictive and with enough room for a back protector and elbow pads, but not excessively baggy either. No flapping shirt tails when you're flying down hill. The other cut is more downhill inspired. The sleeve and body length are essentially the same, but the torso is cut looser to allow for full body armour to be worn underneath.

Every jersey comes with a goggle wipe sewn in to the inside of the shirt. Never forgot your wipe again and never drop it with clumsy gloved fingers.

For now we have two designs in three colour ways each. We will be releasing further designs over the coming months and are also playing with different sleeve lengths.

We are taking pre-orders for the next couple of weeks before placing our first bulk order. We expect to be able to ship the first of those pre-ordered jerseys at the end of June.

Owen Franssen
Owen Franssen

Riding bikes, exploring trails, meeting people in Ireland and abroad.

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